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Rob Lawrence Gives Truth On How To Kickass At Interviews

One thing that everyone in the media industry pays attention to is how well an interview is done. Rob Lawrence, host of Inspirational Creatives, is one of the best there is at doing amazing interviews. That’s why I invited him to join me on the DIY Artist Route Podcast to share his wisdom. What we …

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How To Avoid Failure With Your Networking For Real Growth

Networking. That thing marketing people to do connect with other people so they can grow their brands. That’s what you’re supposed to be doing when you go to conferences, meetups, and events, right? Traditional networking and the networking so many creatives and music-entrepreneurs (“musicpreneurs” as coined by my buddy Tommy Darker) do today are vastly …

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Tommy Darker On Why Freedom Is The Focus For Success

It’s been about ten years coming that Tommy Darker and I sync our powers together to help you grow. Here’s a guy totally committed to the art of success. Who has stayed in the fight for musicians and creatives to win in a complicated digital space for a long time. Tommy has recently launched a …

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Essential Tools For Cultivating Powerful Relationships

Every artist and creative person who is building anything wants to be connected to the right people. That’s what it means to have powerful relationships, right? That’s one of the big tenets of growth farming your relationships for success. To have an influencer (or several) on your contact list is what all of us want …

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Maximize Your Growth With These Books (My 2017 Reading List Picks)

You’ve gotten through this year with a lot of lessons learned. I can certainly attest to learning much from life, people, and reflection. Books have also been an incredible teacher. As I think about some of the best growth that’s come from reading, I want to share my reading list top picks from 2017 so …

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Creative PR Tools For Growth With Angela Mastrogiacomo

The latest episode of the DIY Artist Route Podcast is here! And it features none other than my good friend Angela Mastrogiacomo. Aside from being one of the most inspiring and kick-ass people I know, Angela excels at the real heart of PR and marketing work: relationship building. That’s why I had to have her …

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How To Get Better & Paid Gigs With Roberto Hernandez

Is it strange or interesting to find another drummer on the podcast? We’re just multifaceted artists, not just musicians with sticks who like to hit things, ha! I was intrigued by Roberto Hernandez from the first message he sent me. Perhaps that’s because he chose one of the most unique ways to introduce himself. Instead …

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Dance To The Tune Of Your Super Fans With Carlos Castillo

“I’m just a music super fan who likes to dress up in silly clothes and dance.” That’s not only a great line from my good buddy, fellow musician coach, platform leader and hero, it’s who he is. It’s who Carlos Castillo is that makes him a dynamic leader in the music space. There are a …

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Which Specifics Lead To Getting Radio Airplay & Reviews

Here’s a little secret about how to get media to¬† open your emails that lead to them actually being read and replied to. Trust me, it’s not sending a blanket message you write one time that says everything you could ever say about your music or your band. Cold pitch emails are absolute crap and …

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Changing The World Through Music With Bree Noble

I believe that helping other people in life is the key to being successful. It’s a philosophy shared by Zig Ziglar, Oprah Winfrey, Steve Palfreyman, and the incredible Bree Noble. Bree is the creator and powerhouse behind Women of Substance Radio, Female Entrepreneur Musician Podcast, a musician and coach for musicians. She’s an inspirational person …