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How To Use Your Creativity To Empower Others

Whether you consider yourself a world-renowned artist or visionary, you have the capability to empower & change lives for the good every day. It’s your choice. Do you get up every day determined to use your creative superpowers to make a positive impact? Or do you wake up and after hitting the snooze button ten …

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Why Cold Pitch Emails Are The Bane Of Your Marketing & Don’t Work At All

Have you messaged a bunch of people to get them to follow you, read your work, listen to your new song, interview you, or jump on board your platform? Did you market a “powerful list” of contacts you got that was guaranteed to get you noticed? That kind of marketing is absolute shit. Seriously. It …

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Timothy Palmer’s Curious Philosophy On Pt 2 Of DIY Artist Route Interview

Listen to “The Power Of Love & Creativity With Timothy Palmer On Pt. 1 Of Podcast” on Spreaker. In the 2nd part of our conversation with indie musician Timothy Palmer, we pick up where we left off in the previous episode of The DIY Artist Route Podcast (listen to past episodes and the podcast archive …

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True Success Occurs In Growing Your Roladex Garden

What if I told you that the real secrets to business growth, building a brand, growing an audience, and true success had more to do with farming than anything else? What if building a bond with someone while using your roladex could lead to real growth? All the focus on viral marketing or social media …

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The Power Of Love & Creativity With Timothy Palmer On Pt. 1 Of Podcast

Listen to “The Power Of Love & Creativity With Timothy Palmer On Pt. 1 Of Podcast” on Spreaker. You’ve heard his music, even if you think you haven’t. Timothy Palmer has been Tryin‘ to help you us all navigate the journey of the creative entrepreneur and musician for years. His song (by that same name, …

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Why The Essential Key To Success Is Playing The Long Game

Here’s a metaphoric epiphany on real growth and success I had recently that deals with football. To succeed in business and in life, you have to master the long game! In football, there’s a key reason that successful teams in pro football are always looking for a great quarterback. It’s more than just leadership. It’s …

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Two Simple Ways To Ensure You Have A Great Day

Do you want to have a great day today? Yes, of course you do. Me too. How about a great week? Or a stellar and outstanding month? To build up to the best year of your life? Oh yeah, that’s even better! Because setting up one good day the key to having a great month …

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Be A Badass Like Batman In Building Connections

It’s no secret that I’m a super hero super-fan. Batman in particular takes the cake for me. I’m a Batman mega-fan especially in films. In particular, the Christopher Nolan Dark Knight trilogy are some of my all-time favorite movies. And yes, Christian Bale is my Batman. But there are also some powerful things we can …

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Fear Can Hold You Back Or Be The Fuel To Move You Forward

 All of us struggle with fear. It’s human nature. Fear has one big weapon against us: pain. Think of the things you’re most fearful of and every one of them involves pain. Pain is inevitable in life. It can be something that you dread ever having happen to you. It can be something you’ve …