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Two Simple Ways To Ensure You Have A Great Day

Do you want to have a great day today?

Yes, of course you do. Me too.

How about a great week? Or a stellar and outstanding month?

To build up to the best year of your life?

Oh yeah, that’s even better! Because setting up one good day the key to having a great month or the best year? You bet it is!

Tell you what I’ve learned recently that has helped me have a great day more often these past few months is something that’s really easy to do. We just often forget about it.


How do you start your day?

From reading books by Ryan Holiday, Wayne Dyer, Jen Sincero, and others I’m learning that starting the day off right matters.

Practices involving journaling, affirmations and meditation are how we set our minds and hearts in the right place to have the best outlook on the day, and be most productive.

If you get out of bed and the first thing you do is chores, you’re focusing on the wrong stuff. Hey, I used to do that too. I often didn’t get moving with my action items for the day quickly and ended up feeling like a slave to the grindstone.

I certainly didn’t have a great attitude either.

Clarity and forward movement are what bring success, how you grow, and produce the life you want to live.


Two Simple Ways To Have A Great Day

The two simple ways to have a great day are to get up just a few minutes early with the sole purpose of giving yourself some quiet alone time to focus on what you’re doing, make daily goals, do a little meditation/affirmations, and be thankful.

Tony Robbins has a little mantra he does where he thanks God/The Universe for everyone in his life he’s grateful for. He spends at least 5 minutes doing that before he moves into focusing on himself.

I’ve found this practice to be very enriching too. When we operate from thankfulness and gratitude, it makes our attitudes towards others even better.

Plus, our relationships improve because we become people who are more naturally inclined to serve and give.

It’s one big reason why friends can ask for gold but strangers can’t even get candy.

Here’s one other little tidbit, and this one has been SUPER effective in helping me grow: start a personal journal and write every day.

I started doing this last year. I’ve been amping my writing up lately with the work I’m doing for my new book (coming soon).

What I’ve found is that journaling helps me to get more focused on specific tasks to complete. It also helps me to communicate better because of the repetitiousness of the practice.

It’s like my old mentor Larry Sabin used to say, “We get good at what we do.”

As a person who is connecting with other people, make a habit of improving your communication. Journaling is a great step in that direction.

The better communication you have, the more enriched your relationships are and the stronger your connection is with others.


How Stronger Communications Make For A Great Day

What helps with improving your communication skills is also dependent on how you feel about yourself. What thoughts are you exercising each day that contribute to your well-being and success?

If you have regular thoughts that consist of “I can’t,” “This won’t work,” “I’m not enough for this,” “They don’t want me,” or similar negative beliefs, you set yourself up to lose.

What you plant inside your mind and heart is what your life will produce. That comes through your actions, attitudes, and behaviors. Your inner dialogue contributes to all of these things.

This is why a daily practice of affirmations is so important. By affirming yourself of who you are, what’s inside of you, what you produce, and what you attract these things come into being.


It’s the law of attraction because what you focus on is what grows.

This is the essential piece of your day that kicks your subconscious into high gear to manifest what you plant. Best practice is to not only start your day off with affirmations, but also end it with a repetition of them before you go to sleep.

What kinds of affirmations am I talking about?

Here are two big ones:

“What is inside of me is love, joy and peace.”

“What I produce is love, joy and peace.”

“I AM Love. I AM Joy. I AM Peace.”


I’ve compiled my daily practice of Growth Farming Affirmations For Success  just for you as an ebook to make this practice easy and a natural part of your day. I do this every day. And it’s a part of exclusive coaching program that my private clients use to transform their lives.

Take Alex Russell for instance. She’s an award-winning entrepreneur and business woman. Here’s what she says about working with me using this Growth Farming Affirmations work,

“D is able to dive deeper, to explore and discuss the reasons that are hindering peak performance in everyday life. We talked through confidence, mental blocks and style. We moved on to skills, affirmations, and daily routines that have not only allowed my career goals to blossom but have grown me personally each day.”

As a result, when you plant love inside yourself to overcomes fears, doubts, insecurities and negative mindsets. And it moves you to the next level of your personal growth so that you are a winner in every area of your life. Who doesn’t want that?

Take An Action Step Towards Having A Great Day Today


D Grant Overcome Fear Rocky CreedNow, I’m going to make a pretty big claim (and I don’t ever do that). Because when you put this method to work in your life, YOU WILL SEE RESULTS. Seriously.

What does that look like and how can you do it? Change your inner dialogue, improve your communication skills, be excellent at connecting with people. Let me show you. Connect with me personally so I can know more of your story and give you a personal approach to making this work.

My mission and purpose in life is to empower and encourage people to be their best. Be your best.

Experience some kickass encouragement and empowerment in

15 minutes with me by booking a free strategy session now.


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